Šantovka Gallery

Šantovka Gallery

Shopping and entertainment center in the heart of Olomouc with floor space of 46 thousand m2 ranks among 10 largest centers in the Czech Republic. The whole buildings provides space for 300 stores, 6 cinemas, theater, 18-lane bowling, restaurants, coffeshops, playgrounds, parking lot for 1 000 cars and more.

De Bondt designed full static plans for each of the project’s stages, static calculation and planning documentation. The object is composed of 15 dilatation blocks, covets 2 underground floors and 4 above-ground stories. It’s foundations lie on posts which are 600-1200 mm in diamater and 20 m long. Statically the building is based on bar construction with ceilings firmly placed on one level which distribute horizontal effects into absorbing cores.

Interesting facts:

  • The site is built on an island created by the Mlynský stream and covers it’s full area, which is why it has irregular shape without right-angles and entry is only possible by a bridge.
  • The design architect (Benoy Ltd.) structured the object’s volume the way that pillars are not vertically interlinked.
  • The object is designed with floodwaters in mind and thus it can resist to uplifts of up to 9,0 m. Thanks to this, the posts were designed with flood uplift exertion in mind.
  • A tram railway is built on the roof of the underground garage as well as truck supply routes.
  • High level of work load (7,5 kN/m2) and limited object height as well as its framework.
  • The framework must have been designed for assembly which has been specific for this site as it was built from the island outwards.
NameŠantovka Gallery
LocationOlomouc, Czech Republic
ContractorSMC Development a.s., Prague
Dimensions240 x 180 m
Posts12 000 m3 + 1 000 tons of armature
Monolithic Concrete46 000 m3 + 4 800 tons of armature
Precast Concrete10 800 units in the volume of 13 000 m3 + 3 100 tons of armature
Concrete Framework1 500 tons