About Us

About Us


The De Bondt Company

De Bondt company is an innovative engineering agency with international competence which has been established on 11th December 1996. The company has moved through a variety of organizational and interpersonal changes. The current form of the name De Bondt, s.r.o. has been obtained in 2008 and its headquarters is located on the Rybárska Street in Trenčín. The company is a member of The Slovak Chamber of Civic Engineers and a part of steel frame group.

Our services

  • Steel frameworks planning
  • Monolithic and precast concrete constructions planning
  • Structural analysis
  • Frameworks optimization
  • Seismic calculations
  • Civic and Industrial structures design + engineering


Our philosophy

The basic philosophy of our job is cooperation and use of cross-up experience and knowledge in the field of architecture, construction, environment, infrastructure, design and engineering. This holistic approach is also applied in our communication with customers, counselling and acquisition activities. We believe that this holistic approach is essential for successful activities. Similarly as our internal motto ‘Con-tura’ (meaning act together) display the company as a reliable partner, which acts and thinks like a customer and always keeps in mind their profit. The satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority.


Industrial Structure design


Civic and Residential structure design


Framework optimization


Náš team

Ing. Jozef Bútora


Ing. René Meravý Murárik, PhD.

Static’s chief designer, seismic calculations

Ing. Tomáš Bahno

Chief structural engineering designer

Ing. Dušan Šinka

Chief concrete constructions designer

Ing. Roman Štefkovič

Chief designer for seismic construct durability

Ing. Zuzana Beďatšová

Economics department

Ing. Ján Slivka

Chief designer of precast concrete constructions for Netherlands

Ing. Daniel Dohál

Chief steel frameworks designer


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