Optimization of support structures for finished projects

We have gained extensive experience with support structures through our construction projects and statics and therefore
we are able to carry out optimization of support structures also for finished projects.
Our main goal is to provide the investors with cost savings for these structures.
Modern programs, as for example SCIA Engineer, RIB, used for optimization and static calculations, provide us with a wide range of savings.
For more than 15 years, we have been designing support structures and based on experience from this area, we offer investors an option to save, in particular through decreasing costs of support structures optimizing the finished project.
Being a "risk-free" service, optimization does not raise any further project costs. Our compensation depends only on costs actually saved. If you don’t save anything through our recalculation, you don’t pay any extra charge. We use the SCIA Engineer and RIB programs for support structures optimization and static calculations.

We have carried out optimizations of support structures of the type as follows:
  • steel constructions: Boiler house Badín, Hall Slovaktual, Welding plant Tower Automotive, Pressing plant Tower Automotive
  • precast concrete: Paint shop VW, Zorgcentrum Rijkswijk
  • monolithic concrete: Multifunctional house Galvániho ul., Bratislava

projects of Industrial Buildings

projects of Civic and Residential Buildings

optimization of support structures for finished projects