Projects of Civic and Residential Buildings

Our project and statics activities are also focused on civic and residential buildings.
These include residential houses complexes, apartment houses, shopping centres or office premises.
For projecting, statics and static calculations, we use 3D modelling programs. In case of interest, we also provide services and consulting for developers within their investment plans. For projects of civic buildings and statics, we prepare architectural studies for customers, as well as projects for zoning and planning decision, building permission (BP), implementation project (IP), production documentation and project for actual execution of the building.
Project documentation is created through the ALLPLAN 3D modelling program, which also helps us create visualisations or films at various stages of the project, as well as bills of quantities. Apart from preparing projects and statics of structures, we also provide services and consulting for searching and implementing investment plans in the broadest extent, not only for Slovak but also for foreign developers. (

Range of Services and Consulting for Developers:
  • searching for suitable locality and land
  • feasibility studies
  • project documentation
  • project for zoning and planning decision
  • project for building permit
  • selection of supplier company

projects of Industrial Buildings

projects of Civic and Residential Buildings

optimization of support structures for finished projects